Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Follow up with Doctor

Monday was actually the third follow up with the doctor since surgery. This has been an exausting two weeks for mom. Of course there was the drain incident. Then last week, she went in and was told that there was not enough fluid to insert another drain and that the opposite drain would remain until at least the next week. Monday mom went to the doctor and was able to have her drain taken out. This is huge as it allows her to be able to have some freedoms of going places and eliminates the stress that the remaining drain would also come out. She has had some pain near one of her arms and the doctor told her this was due to nerves near the site the lymph nodes were removed. The pain extends down her arm, but since she has been able to do her arm exercises, she reported the pain has shown some improvement. The official pathology came back as well. She had one spot in tissue that has less than a two millimeter spot of consumer and something like ten of the lymph nodes removed had a trace of cancer.

This was expected. Even though her MRI did not show any cancer, her doctor had told her that there could likely be traces remaining that were not large enough to be detected by the tests at this point. This is the reason that it is so important that she continued with the surgery and with the radiation that will start in the next 2-3weeks. She has been doing well and in fact, told me that yesterday was the best day she has had since May! Her toe is now fully healed, so she has mobility to go a few places with her siblings and friends. She certainly has to be cautious to not do too much as she still is in pain and still gets tired very easily. I think that being done with the chemotherapy and the surgery has made her feel that there is an end in sight as far as the treatment. She is expecting a call in the next week or so to get an appointment scheduled to start radiation.

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