Sunday, October 3, 2010

Another Trip to the Doctor/Hospital

I will start by saying that everything is now okay.

Friday in the early evening Addison and I were packing up our things to head back home. Mom had been doing really well after her surgery. I will skip all the details of her drains, but will summarize by saying that it was clear something was not working right. Mom called her doctor (it was around 5:00pm) to see what she needed to do. The doctor called back and told mom to get there right away. This was not necessarily an emergency situation, but more that the doctor had to be somewhere by 7:00pm and if mom were not there by 6:30 she was have to go to the emergency room instead. We were staying at her sister's house in Sand Springs and needed to drive to the hospital where the doctor's office is located. We made a very quick trip there. It seems that on one side, the drain was starting to come out which was the reason for it not operating properly. The doctor tried a few ways to fix it, but was unable to do so and took it out. She will need to go back Monday to have it put back in. She must have a certain amount of fluid built up before they can put another one it and this is the reason she was unable to place a new one Friday. Mom was discouraged about this, but it should not set back any of the recovery process. We left the office a little after 7:00pm. Mom is blessed to have a fantastic doctor that always will stay extra if needed and really puts her patients first. Mom is still doing well in her recovery and is being careful to restrict her activity so that she can fully heal.

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  1. I am so glad to hear that you mom is doing well and that by the power of the Lord, she is kicking some cancer butt!