Friday, September 17, 2010

Thanks and Glory to God

My. Mom. Does. Not. Have. Cancer.

That is right...

No evidence of cancer


the cancer is gone

the caner is gone

the caner. is. gone.

I have to collect myself to type more. My mom went in today to meet with the surgeon to discuss her mastectomy. She had her MRI completed last week (or was two weeks ago- they all run together). The test was done so that they could see the location and size of cancer to guide surgery. To our surprise, shock, amazement, her doctor told her that the scans show no cancer. Not that it is smaller, not that it has improved, but that it is GONE! Okay, just one more time folks...the cancer is gone!

Now that being said, my mom still has a lot of work to do to prevent cancer from returning. She will have surgery (double mastectomy) in less then two weeks. The recovery from that will take several weeks. During this surgery they will also remove lymph nodes that were PREVIOUSLY infected with cancer. This will affect the usage of her arms for a period of time. She will then do radiation every day for several weeks. She will also have to take medications daily for the next five years to prevent this from coming back. That is for later. For today,
the cancer is gone.


  1. Praise God - what an amazing miracle!!!

  2. WOW!! That is amazing!! It still seems so crazy to me that she has to go through the surgery! But, better to be safe. I'm so thankful! Will be praying for a safe surgery and easy quick recovery.

  3. Awesome news! We will continue to pray for your continued healing! We can't wait to see your smiling face back at school. The Lewallens