Tuesday, September 14, 2010


It seems there has been an endless list of appointments in the last few days and there are more in the next week to come. Last week, mom had her second MRI. This will determine where the cancer is currently as they prepare for surgery in about two weeks. From mom's perspective, the process of having the test done was much more lengthy and difficult than the last one. Yesterday she went to the foot doctor and (sigh) was told she would not be able to go back to work. This means she will be staying home until her surgery and then will start the time off for recovery from this procedure as well. I know that she was really wanting to get back to work, get back to the kids, to be around her very supportive (and wonderful and fantastic and loving - I could go on and on) coworkers, and get back to having a "normal" routine. She has accepted that this additional time is necessary for her health and has tried to not get too stressed about not being able to return.

On Friday, she will meet with the surgeon to go over the MRI and answer questions regarding the surgery. Next week she has another appointment with the foot doctor, an appointment to be fitted for orthopedic shoes (will help with the foot issue), an appointment with the cancer doctor, and a preop appointment. This will be the most activity my mom has had in several weeks as she is not to be putting any pressure on her foot. She seems excited/anxious to get to the surgery. On the checklist for treating her type of cancer she was given four things: chemotherapy, double mastectomy, radiation, and hormone treatment through medications. She feels that once the surgery is finished, she will have worked through the most difficult parts of the checklist. I think it will feel like a large step towards recovery. And, I must admit, the mental image of the doctors actually removing this horrible cancer from her body during surgery is just glorious.

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