Thursday, May 27, 2010

First Treatment

Today was mom's first chemotherapy treatment. Yesterday, mom and Kris went to the American Cancer Society to pick out a wig. Mom says the experience went well considering the task. Kris and mom were able to share laughs while trying some interesting wigs. Mom was able to find one as well as a few hats that she liked.

Today mom's chemo was scheduled to start at 10:15am. When she arrived, they were still waiting to get her echo results to enure they could give the dosage the doctor recommended. Mom said that she was very nervous before it started and I am sure that waiting for the results to come intensified the anxiety. Her heart tests came back great as did her iron levels in her blood. She was able to receive the recommended dosage of chemo. Once the treatment started, she felt much less nervous and she says she is very glad to have the treatment started. She says that all the nurses and doctors she has encountered so far have been very wonderful to her. As I type this, she is watching Addison play with toys and you would never know she just did her first chemo treatment. Tomorrow she will go back to the cancer center to get a shot that will increase white blood cells in her body. She will have this shot after every treatment. At this point her spirits are pretty good and she is very thankful that after only 13 days of diagnosis she has been able to get all her tests done and has been able to start treatment.

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  1. Was with Sarah today for appt. She is still so funny, upbeat & doing well.