Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Diagnosis Day

On May 14, mom went into for a mammogram. During the tests, mom was told that she had inflammatory breast cancer. She was called back that day for a biopsy and was told that the tests were to confirm the cancer diagnosis. The biopsy came back positive for the suspected area as well as at least one lymph node. Since that time she has had a PET scan, an echocardiogram, and a MRI. Friday she had a port inserted that will allow her to receive chemotherapy and for blood to be taken for various tests without causing difficulties with her veins. Friday, mom was called and told that the tests indicated that cancer has not spread to any other areas. Mom will start chemotherapy this Thursday as the first step in her treatment process. So far she has been really positive. She knows that she has a long and hard fight ahead and is motivated to get better. She has asked to keep this blog so that all her friends and family could keep updated on what is going on, especially on days that she is not feeling well or is too tired call everyone. I will try to keep this updated at least once a week.

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