Thursday, July 22, 2010

Finished for today

Mom went in this morning for her first Taxol chemotherapy treatment. Her blood work came back good and she was cleared to do treatment today. This type of chemo apparently has a higher probability of the patient having an allergic reaction. She was administered Benadryl before treatment and received one hour of medications to monitor her reaction. Mom said that her wrist was itching a little and she had some minor pain in her back. She did not have any significant reaction though, so they started her on the last three hours of treatment. After she finished treatment she asked the nurse what types of reactions they were looking for and they told her that some people have heart problems, rash, severe pain in back, and other not so fun things. We are very fortunate that she did not experience any of these. When I talked to her tonight, she said she is still doing well. She said that she has been a little tired and has taken two naps today. She plans on this being her big weekend to swim, so hopefully she will feel well enough.

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